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Monday, July 8, 2019


Remembering Bruce Kent, Monday @ 9:30pm in First Church
Climate Change: The Injustice Multiplier
We’ve Gone Solar!
Restorative Practices Morsel from SICoM
SIPC/SICoM Call for Nominations
S.I.S.T. News & Notes
Pampered Chef Scholarship Fundraiser
Poetry Open Mic, Tue @ 9:30pm in First Church
Small Ensembles seeking Vocal and Instrumental Musicians
Bookstore Grand Opening Tue @ 6pm
Rathskeller Trivia Themes for the Week
Seeking Kids for Fit as a Pro Club
Afternoon Workshops (Art, Mixology and More)


The Ministry Team will offer a service of remembrance after vespers in First Church for Bruce Kent, long time SI attendee and SIPC Chair in 2018. Please reach out to the chaplains on the Ministry Team and in the Youth and Young Adult programs for support as needed. A Celebration of Life Service for Bruce is planned for Sunday, July 28th, at 3:00pm, at the UU Church of South Hills, Pittsburgh.


As UUs we acknowledge the injustice associated with privileges of race, class, gender and economic status. Have you ever thought about climate privilege?

Countries that are already disadvantaged by climate will see that injustice multiplied by climate change. A continuing series of record hot years has devastated subsistence farmers who now seek refuge in our country. Tens of millions (mostly people of color) will be displaced by rising seas in the next few decades. Instability and scarce resources spark conflict, prejudice, and violence.

Jacqueline Patterson of the NAACP
Jacqueline Patterson of the NAACP

Jacqueline Patterson of the NAACP has stated that “climate change is a civil rights issue.” She notes that “not all of the earth’s inhabitants have equal access to basic essential elements of life and well-being. Continued and progressive deprivation is a looming threat, in the form of climate change, to communities of color in the United States and countries predominated by people of color worldwide.”

As we yearn for a more just world, let us work together toward a livable climate in which we can attain our visions of justice.

WE’VE GONE SOLAR! M-F, 3:15 – 4:45pm, Science Center Room 154

Monday: Learn the first hand experience about adding solar to a suburban Ohio home with Cari Orris.

Tuesday: Learn the first hand experience about adding solar to a century home in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio with Paul Ernsberger and Cathy Niswonger.

Wednesday: Meet Solar Consultant Brian DiPaolo who works for YellowLite in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn the ins and outs about adding solar to a variety of homes.

Thursday: Hear from Carl McDaniel from Oberlin, Ohio as he shares the story of his home known as Trail Magic, a positive energy home.

Friday: Hear from Tom Smith of the West Shore UU Church in Rocky River, Ohio who helped bring solar to his church.


As we were reminded during the opening ceremony, CERSI has its own covenant! A shortened version is located right on your name badge. For the longer version, scan your name badge or go to the CERSI website (https://tinyurl.com/yyguseam). Our covenant reflects our commitment to restorative practices by promising that “[w]e value compassion, so we promise that when any of us are out of covenant we will provide and participate in reconciliation processes so we can make our way back into covenant.”

To help us stay in covenant, let’s think about ways to use open, reflective, and inclusive (“affective”) language as much as possible, focusing our own personal expressions of feelings in response to others’ positive or negative behaviors. Here are a few sentence starters that can help you think about choosing a covenantal approach to discourse:

  • I am so excited to see/hear…
  • I am so appreciative of you/your…
  • I am worried about/by/to see/to hear that…
  • I am concerned about …
  • I am feeling frustrated about/by that…
  • I am having a hard time understanding…
  • I am uncomfortable when…
  • I am so grateful that/for…
  • I am so touched that you…

SICoM remains committed to helping us keep our SI covenant, and supporting use of restorative practices this week. Be in touch if you think a situation could benefit from outside perspective on restoration. Hope you are having a great start to SI!


The SI Planning Committee (SIPC), which makes SI happen each year, consists of 9 members who each serve for 3 years. The SI Committee on Ministry (SICom) addresses longer term issues and recruits nominees for both itself and the SIPC. SICom is soliciting for nominees to serve on either committee. Self nominations are welcome. We will have nomination boxes in First Church and in Stevenson Dining Hall. You may email your nominations to [email protected]. Please include a couple of sentences on why you recommend your nominee.


What is S.I.S.T.? It’s a new CERSI acronym for the Summer Institute Scholarship Team. We are asking for your help to replenish the now diminished fund.

What does your donation to the Melanie Pescan SI Scholarship Fund mean? One grateful recipient said, “My Social Security income makes me officially poor so it is a big help for this senior citizen to get a discount on this wonderful week.”

Please watch and listen for appeals this week from S.I.S.T. for scholarship donation opportunities.


Pampered Chef, founded in 1980, and a part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, is a direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. As an Independent Pampered Chef consultant, Melanie Christiansen (Toledo) has offered to sponsor a fundraiser for the CERSI Scholarship Fund this week. 15% of any sales between now and July 15 will go to support the scholarship fund if you order directly from the designated website: https://www.pamperedchef.com/party/cersischolarship2019


Perform an original poem of 3.5 minutes or less. Please practice your piece to give an accurate estimate of the time it will take to perform it. Sign up online at http://bit.ly/UUOpenMic, by using the QR code, or in person on Tuesday night. See Becca Morse with questions.


If you are interested in joining a small ensemble please contact Alan Halperin at [email protected]. Even if you’re just intrigued by the idea and haven’t joined an ensemble, if you let your interest be known, we might be able to find others for you to make music with. Note that in accordance with long-standing SI tradition, the definition of “Musical Instrument” comes with considerable latitude, as well as a touch of attitude.


The bookstore has moved to the JFO room right as you enter First Church. Join us for the grand opening on Monday from 6-8:30pm!


All ages are welcome in the Rathskeller in Wilder Basement for nightly Trivia from 9:30pm—Midnight.
Monday: America the Beautiful
Tuesday: FIFA World Cup
Wednesday: Current Events
Thursday: Social Justice and Justice Warriors
Friday: Ecclesiastical and Eclectic


Silas Thoele (age 10) invites you to Fit as a Pro! Meet at the Quad at 6:30pm on Monday to race, have fun and get fit! I hope to see you there!


Mixology Workshop, M-F 3:15- 4:45pm in Zechiel (Zeke) hall
Missed the Bee’s Knees cocktail on Monday? Be sure to join us the rest of the week! Workshop located in Zeke.

  • Tuesday: Muddling, Riffing on a theme; Cocktail: Old Fashioned
  • Wednesday: Using egg, Dry shake; Cocktail: Delicious Sour
  • Thursday: Bitters; Cocktails: Negroni & Boulevardier
  • Friday: Tiki/Polynesian; Cocktail: Painkiller

Participants must be 21 or older and be wearing the appropriately-colored wristband. We look forward to sharing a cocktail with you!

Art in the Afternoon , M-F 1:30-3pm, Join us daily in front of Burton Hall (or in the 1st floor lounge of Burton if it’s raining) for an upcycling craft – using stuff that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Supplies will be provided to decorate your name tag, make mini journals and quote/inspiration spools. There will also be a daily craft:

  • Tuesday: Glass gem magnets
  • Wednesday: Decorate cloth bags with felt stickers and ribbons
  • Thursday: Wine cork boards and decorative signs
  • Friday: Free create – we’ll play with the supplies and goodies used during the week

Find many more afternoon workshop opportunities in our Programming section >>


Have you always day-dreamed of quitting your job and becoming a street musician? Here’s your chance to try it out in the safe and supportive environment of Summer Institute! We are Looking for people to serenade the Ice Cream Social on Wednesday evening by “busking” in Wilder Bowl. Anyone with an instrument or a voice and a song to share is invited to perform. Solos, duos, trios, etc; share one song or several. Talk to Christa (pictured here) to get your street busking permit today!