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Central East Region Summer Institute
Tuesday, July 9, 2019


We’ve Gone Solar!
Climate Change: Your Household Carbon Footprint
Restorative Practices Morsel from SICoM
Nursery Children Leading by Example
S.I.S.T. News & Notes – Amy and Bruce’s Story
Pampered Chef Scholarship Fundraiser
Poetry Open Mic, Tuesday @ 9:30pm
Call for Vocal and Instrumental Musicians
Rathskeller Trivia Themes
Afternoon Workshops (Art, Mixology and More)
Euchre Tournament Thursday!
CLF Photo Thursday!

WE’VE GONE SOLAR! M-F, 3:15 – 4:45pm, Science Center Room 154

Monday: Learn the first hand experience about adding solar to a suburban Ohio home with Cari Orris.

Tuesday: Learn the first hand experience about adding solar to a century home in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio with Paul Ernsberger and Cathy Niswonger.

Wednesday: Meet Solar Consultant Brian DiPaolo who works for YellowLite in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn the ins and outs about adding solar to a variety of homes.

Thursday: Hear from Carl McDaniel from Oberlin, Ohio as he shares the story of his home known as Trail Magic, a positive energy home.

Friday: Hear from Tom Smith of the West Shore UU Church in Rocky River, Ohio who helped bring solar to his church.


Many of our daily activities consume energy and produce greenhouse gas emissions.  No matter what we do we are almost always consuming energy.

But we can make choices that reduce our carbon footprint. In the “Living Our Seventh Principle” workshop, we are finding ways we can reduce our footprints at home and in our churches.  The first step in the process is to understand our current footprints. You can do this by using the EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator at https://www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator/.

The screen shot shows how entering a few numbers will tell you how many pounds of CO2 you are producing.  Later in the week we will share with the SI community what we have learned about our current household footprints and how we can reduce them.  Stay tuned!


On the first full day of SI, many enjoyed the great weather outside gathered in circles! Our Unitarian Universalist faith, of course, has many places in which we form circles. We may regularly circle in small groups, such as in Faith Development/Religious Education settings, or in covenant groups, or in book/topic discussion groups. We may make bigger circles in some worship settings, or in singing groups, or in youth activities. And we may use occasional circles to resolve some complicated situations. Some UU churches also host restorative Peacemaking (or just Peace) circles, in which people come together in a circle as equals to have honest exchanges about difficult topics.

As Kay Pranis writes in her wonderful work The Little Book of Circle Processes: A New/Old Guide to Peacemaking (Good Books, 2005), “The underlying philosophy of Circles acknowledges that we are all in need of help and that helping others helps us at the same time. The participants of the Circle benefit from the collective wisdom of everyone in the Circle. Participants are not divided into givers and receivers: everyone is both a giver and a receiver. Circles draw upon the life experience and wisdom of all participants to generate new understandings…”

Reflecting restorative practices, our UU circles also manifest our 1st Principle by respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every participant, and valuing their contributions. As you find yourself in circles here at SI and after you go home, use them to nurture and promote good connections in an intentional and explicit way!


Miss Cara reports that the nursery/preschoolers did a fantastic job cleaning up! Look at that floor… all toys where they belong! Parents and older siblings are asked to follow suit!


Once upon a time, 18-20 years ago, a young couple from PA was struggling. They each worked several jobs and a vacation was out of the question. That was until they applied for and were awarded a SI scholarship.

Amy Kent shared her family story 2 weeks ago during a fundraising conference call. When we spoke on Saturday, 2 days after her husband, Bruce’s, sudden death, she asked that we, their SI family, honor his memory with donations to the scholarship fund.

Checks are to be made payable to CER-UUA with CERSI scholarship on the memo line. They may be delivered to a cashier at the CERSI bookstore in the church.


Pampered Chef, founded in 1980, and a part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, is a direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. As an Independent Pampered Chef consultant, Melanie Christiansen (Toledo) has offered to sponsor a fundraiser for the CERSI Scholarship Fund this week. 15% of any sales between now and July 15 will go to support the scholarship fund if you order directly from the designated website: https://www.pamperedchef.com/party/cersischolarship2019


Perform an original poem of 3.5 minutes or less. Please practice your piece to give an accurate estimate of the time it will take to perform it. Sign up online at http://bit.ly/UUOpenMic, by using the QR code, or in person on Tuesday night. See Becca Morse with questions.


If you are interested in joining a small ensemble please contact Alan Halperin at [email protected]. Even if you’re just intrigued by the idea and haven’t joined an ensemble, if you let your interest be known, we might be able to find others for you to make music with. Note that in accordance with long-standing SI tradition, the definition of “Musical Instrument” comes with considerable latitude, as well as a touch of attitude.


All ages are welcome in the Rathskeller in Wilder Basement for nightly Trivia from 9:30pm—Midnight.
Tuesday: FIFA World Cup
Wednesday: Current Events
Thursday: Social Justice and Justice Warriors
Friday: Ecclesiastical and Eclectic


Mixology Workshop, M-F 3:15- 4:45pm in Zechiel (Zeke) hall
Missed the Bee’s Knees cocktail on Monday or the Old Fashioned on Tue? Be sure to join us the rest of the week! Workshop located in Zeke.

  • Wednesday: Using egg, Dry shake; Cocktail: Delicious Sour
  • Thursday: Bitters; Cocktails: Negroni & Boulevardier
  • Friday: Tiki/Polynesian; Cocktail: Painkiller

Participants must be 21 or older and be wearing the appropriately-colored wristband. We look forward to sharing a cocktail with you!

Art in the Afternoon , M-F 1:30-3pm, Join us daily in front of Burton Hall (or in the 1st floor lounge of Burton if it’s raining) for an upcycling craft – using stuff that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Supplies will be provided to decorate your name tag, make mini journals and quote/inspiration spools. There will also be a daily craft:

  • Wednesday: Decorate cloth bags with felt stickers and ribbons
  • Thursday: Wine cork boards and decorative signs
  • Friday: Free create – we’ll play with the supplies and goodies used during the week

Find many more afternoon workshop opportunities in our Programming section >>


The 2019 Euchre tournament will take place on Thursday from 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM in the Science Center Atrium. The sign up sheet is located in First Church just outside the bookstore. Please sign up as a team!


Church of the Larger Fellowship will take a group photo
Thursday at 8pm in front of First Church.