CURRENT COVID-19 Protocols for UUA Events  2.24.2022


Proof of full course of COVID-19 vaccinations for admittance to all UUA events, for all attendees ages 5 & over. Currently, the policy relates only to vaccinations, not booster.

Medical Exemption s: We require documentation from your physician indicating the medical reasons for the exemption. On advice from your physician, an exemption may be granted when it does not cause undue hardship or pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others. Additionally, these participants must show proof of a negative COVID-19 within 72 hours (about 3 days) prior to the event. Testing must be completed at a licensed medical center (home tests are not currently acceptable). Testing will be at the participant’s own cost and may be covered under health insurance.


UUA events will have free rapid test kits on site. Any attendees who meet other participation requirements (e.g., proof of vaccination) but are showing any COVID symptoms will be asked to take a rapid test. Rapid tests can also be requested by attendees for any reason, such as recently being on public transportation, for peace of mind. 


Indoors: All attendees of UUA events will be required to wear a well-fitted face mask. All venue staff will be asked to be fully masked. 

Outdoors: While outdoors and unmasked, appropriate distance will be maintained. If programming dynamics do not allow for social distancing masks may be required. Attendees may continue to wear a mask; however, these are optional. 

Mask Types: Masks must comply with CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines (2 ply, tight-fitting, covering nose & mouth): Note this does not include bandanas, neck gaiters, or other types of face coverings. If wearing a face shield a mask must be worn underneath.

Additional masks These will be made readily available at the entrance to the event. 

Conflict and Covenant Entering an event space without proof of vaccination and/or refusal to wear a mask is a violation of UUA event covenant. Breach of covenant will result in removal from the event. 

Speakers will not be required to wear masks while presenting on a stage, if they are at least 6- feet in distance to any other person. 

Indoor Choirs: All choir members and musicians are expected to comply with the indoor mask policy. Indoor singing and choirs will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, providing that choir members can maintain a minimum 3-foot distance from one another, and a minimum 6-foot distance from audience members


Outdoors: Outdoor mask-less dining is preferred subject to weather, availability, and


Indoors:: Masks are required unless actively eating or drinking while stationary. Eating and drinking should be done in designated areas where physically distanced seating is available (ideally different from program areas). If eating outside of the designated dining areas, please be respectful of social distancing from others while mask-less. 

Food Services: Bagged lunches and personal snacks are encouraged, rather than sharing food. If sharing food, all food must be served by masked and gloved servers or volunteers. There should be no self-service food service. For buffet service, sneeze guards (plexiglass screens) should be used whenever possible. In some cases, single serve portions will be available as we strive to balance convenience and accessibility with our best practices around sustainability.


Event organizers will rely on & comply with local public health systems for contract tracing needs if/when this becomes necessary. 


There will be a Covid-19 Screening Checkpoint at the event entrance or as part of the main registration. 

When you come to the check point, you will go through a 4-point screening:

Have you had any COVID 19 symptoms in the last 10 days? 

Have you been in close contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms in the last 10 days?

Please note there is an inherent risk to being in a group during pandemic.

If you should start to have any of these symptoms over the course of the event, please contact Event Point Person

There will be daily health checks done at multi-day events. If you start feeling symptoms during the time at the event- please stay in your room and contact the event Covid Point Person. You will be given a test to take, and instructions will follow on how to proceed depending on the results. Anyone staying in your room must self-quarantine and test as well. 


These policies were written by UUA Event Coordinators and approved by the Executive Vice President on 1/6/2022.  Any Questions please contact Amy Kent at 412-999-7067 or [email protected]