• You need to know your Family Code, which will be in your registration email and reminders sent in early July.


  • Your church/society’s banner
  • Peek! prizes in a paper or reusable bag (what’s Peek!?)
  • We kindly request that you avoid bringing and wearing heavy perfumes and fragrances when attending CERSI. Some members of our community have sensitivities and allergies to strong scents, and we want to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • Sheets & pillow cases: Extra-long sized twin sheets (full-sized work with some extra tucking.) Please note that PennWest no longer provides linens of any type for us.
  • Pillows and blanket
  • Bath towels & hand towels
  • Mattress pad or folded blanket folded over for comfort
  • Hangers
  • Bath mat
  • Hand soap/sanitizer for your own restroom
  • Bug spray if you plan to be outdoors in the evenings (youth vespers is always outdoors at night if it’s not raining)
  • Alarm clock
  • Reading light/nightlight/clip-on light, etc.
  • Extension cord/power strip, charging cables
  • Flashlight
  • Travel coffee mug and/or refillable water bottle with name
  • Snacks or drinks for evenings and between meals
  • Cooler/ice-There is only one fridge per dorm (we have only 2 dorms), not per floor. We need to be mindful of space for those who have opted to eat breakfast in the dorm or those with wee ones. There is not a ton of fridge space. Please have items labeled. You are able to bring a small personal fridge.
  • Phone, speakers, tablet, chargers
  • Trash can or a bag to use for trash
  • Antibacterial wipes/paper towels/facial tissue/toilet paper (some will be provided, but…)
  • All rooms are air conditioned, but a fan for white noise/air flow is nice for many
  • Cotton items for Tie-Dye.
  • Laundry detergent. PennWest has a laundry facility in each dorm.  To use the laundry services, you will need to download the CleanPay Mobile app on your android or apple mobile device and pre-pay a minimum balance of $10.  Each load is $1.25 per load wash or dry and you must bring your own Laundry Detergent. No cash laundry services are available. Questions? Check out this CleanPay Mobile tutorial on Youtube.


  • Casual, comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Swimsuits & towels. Children 6 and under MUST have some sort of floatation device to swim (floaties, life jacket). There are life jackets available at the pool to borrow at no charge.
  • Rain gear/umbrella
  • Masks (see COVID Protocols)


  • Pub (NO BYOB AT PUB!)
  • CERSI bookstore
  • PennWest bookstore
  • Workshops requiring donations (it would be mentioned in the description)
  • Scholarship activities/donations

Note: There are ATMs available on campus


  • Note-taking supplies/stationery/envelopes/stamps
  • Lawn/camp chairs
  • Scooters/helmets – Penn West is scooter friendly.
  • Bikes/bike locks/scooters/helmets (MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE!) Lock it up! Best not to tempt fate
  • Frisbees/basketball/softball & glove/tennis balls and racquets/other sports equipment
  • Sewing/knitting/crafts, games/puzzles/kids’ toys
  • Musical instruments/music for small ensembles
  • Reading material
  • Lightweight bag or daypack/backpack to carry water bottle, book, etc.
  • Drums for afternoon/evening drumming circle
  • Hammock if you want to “hang” out at the hammock village (posts available)


  • Extra clothes/snacks
  • Outdoor toys, bikes with locks and helmets
  • Baby tub (only showers available)
  • Highchair or booster seat
  • Nightlight with extension cord-this is probably a good idea for everyone!
  • Room monitor
  • Cots, air mattress, pillow and/or sleeping bags for children sleeping on the floor
  • Don’t forget the special stuffy/jams/special blankie!