We value the “Summer Institute Magic” that we co-create for one week every year, so we promise to:

  • Treat each individual and their gifts with gratitude.
  • Make space for the creative and unexpected delights we might share with the community.
  • Offer a generosity of spirit to each other as we make mistakes or are disappointed.

We value the expectation of mutuality, so we promise to:

  • Model and respect healthy boundaries, so that our diverse community is safe for all.
  • Develop and maintain a heart of service by generously contributing our gifts to the many ministries that make up the whole of SI.
  • Treat our host space and community with respect.
  • Be open to the changes that we need to make to live into this covenant and our vision for the future.

We value the need for equity so that our community can be more intentionally inclusive, so we promise to:

  • Continually be attentive and respond to our various needs (financial, physical, mental) so that SI is accessible to all who want to join this special community
  • Create a culture of radical hospitality.
  • Create systems to ensure that we follow through on the changes that will make our community more inclusive.

We value the call for justice, so we promise to:

  • Create opportunities for service to the wider community as part of the week’s activities.
  • Question barriers to inclusion within our SI community (that we may not yet recognize).

We value compassion, so we promise that when any of us are out of covenant we will provide and participate in reconciliation processes so we can make our way back into covenant.