Important Date
Registration for CERSI 2022 will open on March 1.

Registration fee of $75.00

Waived if the full registration process has been completed before May 31, 2022, also waived for all Young Adults.

New SI Attendees

We are glad to welcome you to CERSI. Visit About Summer Institute to prepare for a wonderful week. It may feel a little overwhelming but know that first-time members of our community are offered lots of support. Resources will be available at registration to make sure all your questions are answered.

Who must register?

Everyone has to register! This means, infants, children, youth, young adults, adults, part-time attendees, full-time and part-time staff – including theme speakers, workshop leaders, touch group leaders etc. Everyone attending CERSI must register!

How do I know what Registration Type applies to me? 

We have two age groups for Children: Age 5 or younger, and Kindergarten – 6th grade.  Youth are participants who are entering 7th grade through recent 2021 graduates. Youth and children may attend with either a parent / guardian or a sponsor who is not their legal guardian.  In both cases, we will need you to fill out additional paperwork which we will email to you after you register. Young Adults are adults up to age 35 who wish to participate in the Young Adult Programming.  Adults are everyone else.

Why should I register early?

Early registration opens March 1, 2022.  Several morning workshops have a limited number of spaces available – Sign up right away to save your spot!  Several styles of dorm rooms have limited availability and they are all distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Most importantly, if you sign up before May 31 we waive the $75 registration fee for the event.

What are Workshops? 

Before you register, check out the program offerings for Adults and Young Adults. You are not required to attend a morning workshop, but if you wish to participate in one you must select your first and second preferences for morning workshops during the registration process. Workshops are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Youth and Children attend Religious Education during the morning, and do not need to select a workshop.

What are my housing options?

On your registration form you will indicate your room selection and your dorm wing preference.  We have 3 types of room available: Singles, Doubles, and Quads*.

This year we will be in two large dorm buildings at California University of Pennsylvania.  Each dorm is divided into several floors, and the floors are each divided into wings. You and your family can select a wing that will help you have the best experience possible at CERSI.  See the registration form for specifics.

Please note: The Youth Wing is restricted to Youth who are entering 10th, 11th, & 12th grades or who are 2021 High School graduates, plus their parents/sponsors.  All youth staying in the dorm must have a sponsor who is also staying in the youth dorm.  (They are not required to share the same room, but they must be staying in the youth dorm.).  All parents and sponsors staying in the youth dorm must agree to a Background Check.

*In order to select a Quad, you must fill all 4 beds in the room, and you may not be able to receive a quad in your preferred wing due to limited availability.

Can my kids sleep on the floor?

Yes! Your children or youth can sleep on the floor in your dorm room, provided all beds in the room have been filled.  California University provides one key for each bed: children or youth sleeping on the floor do not receive a key. The key provides access to your dorm wing as well as to your room.

How much does it cost to attend Summer Institute?

Costs are based on the selections you make in housing and meals. You can use the Cost Estimator to look at the choices available. Costs may be reduced by applying for scholarships or camperships. Scholarships are available based on financial need, with preference shown for first timers.  A service position is a job for which you are compensated with a campership, which is a financial reduction in your SI Fees. (For example: RE teacher, panel member, workshop/seminar leader, or golf cart driver.)  If you have a campership, you must know your Campership number and Tier before you complete your online registration form. Your contact on the SIPC, SIYP or SIYAP will provide you with this information.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

YES! The Scholarship deadline is May 31. There is a limited amount of scholarship money available.  See the scholarships page for detailed information and an online application. If you have questions please contact the Scholarship Chair at [email protected].

Speaking of scholarships, can I donate money to the scholarship fund?

Absolutely! There is a section on the Registration Form where you can donate to the Scholarship Fund. These donations may be tax deductible, per IRS regulations. Not registering? Donate here!

Great! How Do I Register?

First, select your morning workshops and complete the online registration form. You will receive an email with additional instructions on making payment, signing up for workshifts, and filling out needed paperwork for parents and youth.  If you register and do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us at [email protected].

Do I have to pay in full when I register?

No. You are welcome to pay in full when you register, or you may elect to make a deposit and receive an invoice for yourself and additional family members.  You are required to pay a 50% deposit upon registration, due no later than May 31. The remainder of your fees are due at Registration on the first day of SI. If you have a campership or are applying for a scholarship, you do not have to pay a deposit.

What are my Payment Options?

Many of you requested Invoices – and we listened! We have added several payment options to the registration form – select all of the payment options which apply to your registration:

  • Option 1: I am paying for multiple campers: Please send me a combined invoice for my Family / Group

 This option will allow you to name several family members and receive a group invoice to make your deposit and/or payment by check or Paypal in one lump sum.  

  • Option 2: I will pay for this registration IN FULL via Paypal now. (No Paypal account needed)

     This will not generate an invoice.  

  • Option 3: I will pay 50% by check/paypal for this registration by May 31, 2021. Please send me an invoice

     This will generate an invoice for the current registration only.  

  • Option 4: I am applying for a scholarship AND/OR I have a campership (Payment due at event)

 This option lets us know that you are applying for a scholarship or that you have a campership.  You are exempt from the deposit requirement.  

  • Option 5: I am not the responsible party

     Select this option if someone else is paying for this registration.  


If you and your partner both have camperships, and you wish to pay for both registrations on a single invoice, you would select Option 1 and Option 4 on one registration, and Option 4 and Option 5 on the second registration.

If you are a parent paying for your family, you would select Option 1, as well as any other options which match your registration.  For your other family members, they would each select Option 5, as well as the other options which apply to them.

What happens if I have to cancel?

If you cancel by May 31, 2022 you will be refunded the total amount less $25 per person.

If you cancel between May 31, 2022 and June 20, 2022, you will be refunded the total amount less $50 per person.

All cancellations after June 20 will be refunded less $100 per person.

Will I hear from anyone after I register online or send in my registration?

Immediately upon registering you will get an email that explains your next steps. First Timers will also get an email from the first timer coordinator. In early July, all registrants will receive an email regarding housing, workshops and programming. As the arrival date grows closer, you may also be contacted by your workshop facilitator or coordinators of the activities you signed up for.

Registration Links
  • Full Week Registration
  • YA Weekend Registration
  • Partial Week Registration