Morning Program

Our children’s program offers a variety of activities specially designed for the children to create their own Summer Institute experiences. They meet separately and together, in various age groups from infants through those entering 6th grade.

Children who have completed 6th grade have the option of participating in either the Youth Program or the Children’s program. Due to staffing issues, this decision must be indicated on your registration application and may not be modified.

All children can attend the morning worship service with their parents. Afterwards they will go to the children’s center to participate in a variety of activities including arts and crafts, games, stories and music until noon. (There is also care for the Nursery age children (to 3 years) in a comfortable, safe environment.)  The Adult Morning Seminars will end at 11:45. The Children’s Program will end at noon, allowing parents time to pick up their children promptly, and join them for lunch.

We encourage children and adults to participate fully and to treat one another and their environment with respect. All are expected to follow SI safety rules including bicycle helmets for all ages.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide full disclosure regarding physical/emotional issues to classroom teachers.
  • Know that when my child is not in an SI program that provides adult supervision, I am directly responsible for his/ her supervision, including meal time.
  • Know that I am responsible for my child’s health, well-being, safety and good behavior at SI.
  • Know that if my child fails to follow SI or California University rules, he/she may have to remain with me during the remainder of SI and that continued failure to follow rules may result in he/ she being requested to leave.
  • Know that I am responsible for any property damage that my child may cause.
  • Be prompt in picking up children after their programs.
  • Enforce 9 PM curfew (bedtime) for small children (2nd grade and under). No later than 10 PM for children 3rd-6th grade. Sleep is not over-rated!
  • Know that I must register all children including infants.

Children’s Choir

After lunch the children will have the opportunity to affirm our UU values singing in a children’s choir. Joe Schafer has directed the West Shore UU Children’s Choir for 25 years, and has written music celebrating UU principles that kids can sing easily and well, using ragtime, jazz, rock, and other fun-loving rhythms. No experience required, and all kids are welcome.

Children’s Talent Show

No one ever knows for sure what acts we will have in a given year, but this is always a big event with excellent entertainment that shows off the diversity of SI talents. Performances range from skits to original poetry reading to music performances (of all kinds and abilities) to hilarious comedy. Auditions are mid-week. Let us know if you need practice space. Acts are 3 minutes or less.