The History of Summer Institute

Digital graphic of a telephone ringing and the words The call is coming from inside the house, 2023 Summer Institute

CERSI 2023 – Penn West

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House: Preemptive Racial Inclusion and Practices for Witness, Self Examination and Change

Theme Speaker: CB Beal

SI Chair – Dana Wakefield

CERSI 2022 – Cal U

Question the Unquestionable and Answer the Unanswerable

Theme Speaker: Kazim Ali

SI Chair – Carolyn Stevens

Cereal box which says "Food for the Soul" Featuring Beloved Community, SI Magic, Worship and Music, and Learning and Growing. UU Principles are listed under Nutritional Information

CERSI 2021 – Online

Food for the Soul

No Theme Speaker

SI Chair – Susan Roscigno

CERSI 2020 – Online

Summer Insitute

No Theme Speaker

SI Chair – Cal Frye

CERSI 2019 – Oberlin College

Building a Vocal Community
Theme Speaker – Dr. Ysaye Barnwell
SI Chair – Anne Wilson

OMDSI 2018 – Oberlin College

Hope is an Imperative: How each one of us makes a difference
Theme Speaker – Dr. David W. Orr
SI Chair – Bruce Kent

OMDSI 2017 – Oberlin College

Beyond Lip Service: the Courage to Communicate UU Values
Theme Speaker – Sheila Schuh
SI Chair – Gina Phillips

OMDSI 2016 – Oberlin College

Covenant and Collective Action
Theme Speaker – Matt Meyer
SI Chair – Liz Bright

OMDSI 2015 – Oberlin College

Faith, Evolving: How American Religion Is Changing
Theme Speaker – Rev. Joan Van Becelaere
SI Chair – Scott Piepho

OMDSI 2014 – Oberlin College

The Journey of Change
Theme Speaker – Rabbi David M. Horowitz
SI Chair – Alan Halprin

OMDSI 2013 – Kenyon College

Social Justice – A Central UU Path
Theme Speaker – Rev. Art McDonald
SI Chair – Alison Reed

OMDSI 2012 – Kenyon College

Reboot Your Theology – Exploring UU Connecitons
Theme Speaker – Rev. Mg Riley
SI Chair – Diana VanWinkle

OMDSI 2011 – Kenyon College

This is The House That UUs Built
Theme Speaker – Rev. John Buehrens
SI Chair – Anne Wilson

OMDSI 2010 – Kenyon College

Our Stories, Ourselves, Seeking….
Theme Speaker – Odds Bodkin
SI Chair – Jay Randall

OMDSI 2009 – Kenyon College

One Faith, Many Voices
Theme Speaker – Thandeka
SI Chair – John Rodeheffer

OMDSI 2008 – Kenyon College

Living Out Loud: Speaking Up As Religious Liberals
Theme Speaker – Meg Barnhouse
SI Chair – Dave Murray

OMDSI 2007 – Kenyon College

The Dharma of Living: The Ongoing Prescription for Happiness
Theme Speaker – Ven. Shih Ying-Fa, the Abbot of CloudWater Zendo and founder of the Zen Society of Cleveland
SI Chair – Amy Kent

OMDSI 2006 – Kenyon College

Befriending Nature: Enlarging Our Family of Belonging.
Theme Speaker – Rev. Gary Kowalski from Burlington, VT
SI Chair – Bob Erdman

OMDSI 2005 – Kenyon College

Building Faith: What’s in Your ToolBox
Theme Speaker – Rabbi David M. Horowitz
SI Chair – Dave Dunn

OMDSI 2004 – Kenyon College

UU 24/7
Theme Speaker – Aaron R. Payson
SI Chair – Dana Bjorkland

OMDSI 2003 – Kenyon College

Peace: In Your Soul, In Your World
Theme Speaker – Former UUA Moderator Denise Davidoff
SI Chair: Alison Melby & Marilyn Markovitch

OMDSI 2002 – Kenyon College

What Really Matters
Theme Speaker – UUA Moderator Diane Olson
SI Chairs: Bernie Siegel & John Marshall

OMDSI 2001 – Kenyon College

The Finding of Diversity in our Harmony
Theme Speaker -Rev. Bill Sinkford
SI Chair: Robin Herr

OMDSI 2000 – Kenyon College

Growing in the Spirit
Theme Speaker – Rev. Anthony Johnson
SI Chair: Lindsay Scott

OMDSI 1999 – West Liberty State College

The Beginning is Near
Theme Speaker -Rev. Roberta Finkelstein
SI Chair: Pat Lorei

OMDSI 1998 – West Liberty State College

A Sense of Place
Rev. Roger Brewin
SI Chair: Sam Hens-Greco

OMDSI 1997 – Bethany College

Sources of Hope
Theme Speaker – Meg Riley
SI Chair: Kate Greenfield

OMDSI 1996 – Bethany College

Theme: Olympics of the Spirit
Theme Speaker – Reverend Roy Phillips
SI Chair: Sibyl McNulty

OMDSI 1995 – Bethany College

Free to Be – Unitarian Universalist; Marching Toward a Multicultural Community
Theme Speaker ??
SI Chair: Michelle Radkin

OMDSI 1994 – Bethany College

Getting Serious About Unitarian Universalism
Reverend Scott Alexander
SI Chair Joel Slater

OMDSI 1993 – Bethany College

Speak to me, speak To me, speak to Me
Theme Speaker – Barbara Pescan
SI Chairs: Kathy Silver, Liz Miles, Becky Nero

OMDSI 1992 – Bethany College

Theme Quantum Leaping
Theme Speaker – Barbara Whitaker-Johns
SI Chair: Nancy Fitzgerald

OMDSI 1991 – Bethany College

West Virginia, Almost Heaven
Theme Speaker – Gary Smith

OMDSI 1990 – Bethany College

Give Me that Old Time Religion
Theme Speaker – Clarke Dewey Wells

OMDSI 1989

The Tooth that Nibbles at the Soul
Theme Speaker: Gordon McKeeman
SI Chair: Dottie Clark

OMDSI 1988

Relearning the Language of Flowers
Theme Speaker: Til Evans
SI Chair: Midge Forman

OMDSI 1987

Theme Speaker: Charles Stephen, Jr
SI Chair: Emily Curie, Midge Miles

OMDSI 1986

Partners in the Web of Life
Theme Speaker: Mark & Donna Morrison-Reed
SI Chair: Emily Curie

OMDSI 1985

…Within Myself an Invincible Summer
Theme Speaker: Caroline & Tom Owen-Towle
SI Chair: Karen Phillips


GA was in Columbus

OMDSI 1983

From Our Hands…Affirmation and Confirmation
Theme Speaker: Kenneth R. Brown
SI Chair: Karen Phillips

OMDSI 1982

Reflections in a Living Glass
Theme Speaker: Forest Whitman
SI Chair:

OMDSI 1981

Dancing Over the Dark Abyss
Theme Speaker: Judith A. Urquhardt
SI Chair: Bonnie Stauffacher

OMDSI 1980

Believing, Belonging, Becoming
Theme Speaker: Chris Raible
SI Chair: Barbara DeWolfe

OMDSI 1979

I Am…We Are All in This Together
Theme Speaker: Dorothy Spoerl
SI Chair: Nancy Lee