Late Afternoon Workshops (3:15—4:45)

Water Play


Young children are welcome to participate in a magical experience of water play.

Theme Afternoon Discussion

Have questions for Dr Barnwell? Now is your chance to ask them.

Mixology 102

Lois Weir and Jennifer May

Back for a return engagement! Join your hosts, Jennifer and Lois, to learn how to make tasty and well-balanced libations worthy of a serious amateur bartender. Each day, a different aspect of drink-making will be highlighted – from terminology and equipment to techniques, ingredients, and garnishes. Your hosts will demonstrate how to prepare a featured cocktail, and then participants will have an opportunity to mix one for themselves. Learn useful new skills and enjoy a fine cocktail in the afternoon!

Participants are encouraged to bring a thirst for knowledge of all things cocktail.

Lois Weir and Jennifer May are foodies who love to garden, cook, entertain, host dinner parties, and drink. In their professional lives they are an engineer and a project manager, respectively; so expect the workshop to be both nerdy and well-organized, as well as delicious.

Folk Orchestra

Pat Lorei

For instrumentalists with some music reading experience (about middle school level, give or take). Folk orchestra will provide music for the adult vespers services during the week of SI, and possibly other performances as well. We try to “mix it up” for the benefit of the SI community and musicians by trying a variety of types of tunes: traditional folk, ethnic tunes, free form, jazz, and (not limited to) Beatles, to fit with the flow of the evening worship services. Music selection suggestions from participants are always appreciated and considered – and sometime used depending upon service themes and energy level of leader.

What participants should bring: Bring your musical instrument and a folding music stand if you have one. Pat will need to know if you have an instrument other than the usual C-Bb-Eb-bass clef notation, so he can write out the notation as needed.

Pat Lorei has lead the SI Folk Orchestra (circa 20 years) and is a musician in “wedding band” The Mar-Vels and acoustic band Bus 17, as well as helping with tunes at the UU Congregation of Erie (PA).

Beginning Ballroom Dance

Ella Boyer

A fun, low stress, active workshop teaching the basics of Ballroom Dance! Over the course of the week we will go over Ballroom/Latin frame, leading and following, and how to dance a variety of American Smooth and Rhythm dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha and Rumba. No previous experience, partner, or shoes required. Socks are highly recommended! Come for a little taste of the Ballroom Dancing World.

Ella Boyer is a student at Carleton College and a member of Carleton’s Ballroom and Latin Dance team. She has attended several collegiate competitions and teaches west coast swing and social dance alongside her peers. She truly wants nothing more than to dance with the SI community.

We’ve gone solar!

Cari Orris

Learn from the first-hand experiences of UU families and environmental advocates about bringing solar power to their homes and communities. Learn the ins and outs of bringing solar to your home and daily life. Love the idea of solar at your house but don’t know anyone who’s done it? This seminar is for you! Bring a copy of your electric bill. We’ll teach you what we know about using this clean energy source.

Participants should bring a copy of their electric bill.

Cari Orris is a member of the Kent UU Church. On July 31, 2018, she turned on the solar system to her home, one of the first in her community. She’s gathered people from other UU churches and the solar community in Ohio to share their first-hand experiences bringing solar to their homes and community.

Chalice Cross Stitch and More

Gina and Tucker Philips

Whether you have never seen a stitching needle in your life or are an advanced cross-stitcher,you are welcome at this workshop! We will provide supplies, instruction, and guidance to make simple or more advanced cross stitch chalices and other designs, suitable for jewelry or display. Here is an example of the kinds of things we will make:

Gina and Tucker are an experienced mother-son stitching duo and belong to First Church of Columbus.

Tie Dye

Lexi Staples and Torie Thorne

Tie is a Summer Institute tradition for as long as anyone can remember. This year is not different. Experience the joy wearable art.

Sacred Song Circle

Saunis Parsons

Why stand in line waiting for dinner to start when you can be singing in community? Join us for 30 minutes of Sacred Song singing at 5:00 every evening before heading over for dinner. All ages and voices are welcome. No singing experience or formal training required. We’re not performing. We are feeding our spirits. Sacred songs all have positive themes, are easy and often familiar and can be learned on the fly. You don’t need to bring anything but a bottle of water. The more voices the more amazing the experience. Come join us!

Participants are encouraged to bring water.

Saunis Parsons is a member of the UU Church of Kent, and has been singing her whole life. She has been leading Sacred Song Circles and other community singing groups for many years. She is invested in building community thru singing, and is especially interested in helping shy and insecure singers lift their voices with others.