2022 Summer Institute – Question the Unquestionable and Answer the Unanswerable with Kazim Ali

Join us for a week of fellowship, connection, thought and creativity!

July 10-16, 2022


Receive a daily email offering a variety of ways to interact with the daily theme(see next page) at your convenience:

  • Blessing or guided meditation
  • Spiritual practice
  • Theme presentation
  • Creative activity
  • An opportunity to discuss the theme live online (times vary)

Build Relationships

  • Registrants will be assigned a CERSI Circle. There you can connect and build deeper relationships with a small group.
  • Your circle will be offered discussion topics related to the daily themes, and/or can also design a unique journey agreed upon by members.
  • The circle will gather online daily at an agreed-upon time.


  • Touch Base Groups
  • Youth Coffee House
  • Youth-Led Worship

Religious Exploration

  • 11:00-11:45 am – Daily connections with age groups (K-3, 4-6 grade)
  • Time to socialize with old friends and new
  • Different activity each day including dance, art, scavenger hunt, sharing

Connect and Engage

Each evening will offer opportunities to engage with each other:

  • 5:00-6:30 Dinner with Amy – meet and talk with new friends and old in virtual breakout rooms
  • 7:00-8:30  Community Events (see list below)

Be Part of A Community

Evening Community Events tentatively include:

  • Opening Ceremony (Sunday)
  • Family Game Night
  • Youth Coffee House
  • Children’s/Community Talent Show
  • A Guest Speaker
  • Closing Ceremony(Friday)

Themes for Summer In-Situ 2020


A sacred place, a haven, a safe place, a refuge. A place protected against intrusion or incursion. A home for the holy. What does your sanctuary look like? For many of us, our church sanctuary has been only glimpsed on screens lately, but that is not the only place of sanctuary one finds. Perhaps one of your sanctuaries lies within nature, brimming with life and activity. Such places can host deep spiritual experiences. Our guides here include Joseph Cornell, John Muir, and the photographer John Beatty.


Courageous Love

Can we stand in the face of terrible things and do something beautiful? It might be something small, one kind act, one patient listener. It might be large orchestration, a mighty presence, a movement. Today we look at examples of courageous love in our denomination. We invite you to see how courageous love has touched your life. How can our courageous love help heal the world?

Relentless Tenderness

You can’t give to others what you don’t have to give.  If you are unable to give yourself compassion and tenderness, you will be unable to give them to others.  For today, let’s practice being tender with ourselves – our mistakes, our flaws, our imperfections.  For today, let’s be vulnerable with ourselves.  For today, let’s show ourselves relentless tenderness.



Belonging, depending on context, is an ever-shifting feeling, with deep, complex roots. Tied into community, tradition, and heritage. Challenged and evolved by the advent of social media, and the progression of technology. What does belonging mean to you? How does it feel? How does its absence feel? We would like to share some stories with you, and hopefully hear some of your stories in return.


In the community of SI, part of the magic that we all feel comes from being together. From the unexpected and unplanned interactions that we all have with each other. Through this theme, we want to express that, even though we will not be physically able to be together and share in the magic, there are still ties that connect us all together even over far distances.  We will express that we are all connected by the earth around us, the elements that we come into contact with and the senses that we experience everyday.

Registration Information

Fees are based on a sliding scale from $25-$125 per household.  We suggest that individuals pay $25-50 for individuals, and families pay $75-125, however we understand the each family’s situation is different.  The sliding scale is to allow each family to pay what they are able to afford and to cover costs for the entire community.

We will have a single short registration form for the family, and an additional registration form for all youth who will be participating in the youth program.

Email us at registrar@cersiuu.org with any questions.