CERSI 2021 – Food for Your Soul

Join us for a virtual buffet!

July 11-17, 2021

Even though we cannot offer an in-person SI this year, we will be keeping the spirit alive and offering everyone a chance to sample the offerings of a week of UU fellowship, spiritual connection, fun and intellectual stimulation.

We will build on what went well last year and offer an exciting menu of tasty SI samples in anticipation of our in-person event in 2022 at Cal U.

With anticipation of the need to go virtual again this year, the SIPC has been busy!  We will have a new way of presenting our offerings via the Whova platform that will make communications and SI content easier to access.  Don’t worry, we will offer assistance as needed for understanding how to interact and make use of this technology!

We used your feedback from last year to keep and enhance opportunities for morning worship, small group interactions like CIRSICLE’s  and Dinner with Amy, and activities and YouTube videos that you could access at your convenience. 

Some feedback from the survey:

“I was grateful and pleasantly surprised by the sense of togetherness.  Our CERSICLE went well and I felt close to the participants. we talked about what we missed which only reinforced how much SI means to us.”

“I was surprised at how much I liked the online CERSI. I felt connected to the community and am still missing my morning email and CERSICLE. The emcee for the variety show did an excellent job using online features such as having the kids comment on the acts and tell jokes; and the interviews – both pre-recorded and ambushed were wonderful. I also really liked the theme speaker and having it pre-recorded was just fine. I’m so glad to have heard his story and message.”

Poet, editor, and prose writer Kazim Ali will be our speaker for one of our main evening events.  You can find out more about his unique background and work at Kazim Ali Poetry Foundation. This will help us anticipate next year’s in person SI where Kazim Ali will be with us all week as our theme speaker.

SPIC is working on the menu for our SI Buffet.  Here are some of the recipes we are cooking up.

  • “Breakfast buffet” = Morning Worship led by regional UU clergy or the ministry team.
  • “Lunch Ticket” = Workshops, Crafts, etc. All available at your convenience.
  • “Dinner Buffet” = 
    • Main Entree – An all-community event ex. theme speaker, concert, talent show
    • Side dishes = Smaller events / things people offer to host
    • Dessert = Evening hangouts / jam sessions / interest groups

Snack: CERSICLE, a chance to connect every day with a small group that fits with your availability. We took your feedback and hope that these will be even better this year.

Registration isn’t open yet, but we will let you know when it is. Information will be available on our webpage and on our Facebook page

Come join us at the buffet!
In anticipation,

The Summer Institute Planning Committee
Susan Roscigno, Chair, Carolyn Stevens, Co-chair
, Christa Champion, Becky Mitchell, Marion Brannan, CeeJay Cook, Leah Humphrey, Dave Gill, Dana Wakefield