Early Afternoon Workshops (1:30– 3:00)



Children’s Choir

Joe Schafer

The Children’s Choir meets 12:45 to 1:30 in the church sanctuary. School aged Children 6th grade and under are welcome to drop by to join.


Zentangle: Discover the Artist Within

Judith Montgomery

Zentangle® designs are repeated patterns that when combined, create beautiful art. You will be successful at Zentangle no matter how artistic think you are (or aren’t!) as each pattern is taught step by step.

Tangling helps some people to focus on what they are hearing and it helps others to tune out what’s going on in their environment. As it can be very meditative, it can help one to calm and center. Looking at a finished piece of Zentangle art, one can feel a sense of accomplishment and awe AND creating Zentangle art can add a lot of fun to one’s life! Anyone can do it!

Judy Montgomery is a retired school librarian who didn’t consider herself an artist until she took a Zentangle class from a friend. She attended her first Zentangle class in March of 2012 and loved it so much she went to Rhode Island in August 2012 to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT)!


Folk Orchestra

Pat Lorei

For instrumentalists with some music reading experience (about middle school level, give or take). Folk orchestra will provide music for the adult vespers services during the week of SI, and possibly other performances as well. We try to “mix it up” for the benefit of the SI community and musicians by trying a variety of types of tunes: traditional folk, ethnic tunes, free form, jazz, and (not limited to) Beatles, to fit with the flow of the evening worship services. Music selection suggestions from participants are always appreciated and considered – and sometime used depending upon service themes and energy level of leader.

Pat Lorei is a not-yet retired human services worker (Program Specialist, 28 years), SI Folk Orchestra leader (circa 20 years) and musician in “wedding band” The Mar-Vels and acoustic band Bus 17, as well as helping with tunes at the UU Congregation of Erie (PA).

What participants should bring: Bring your musical instrument and a folding music stand if you have one. Pat will need to know if you have an instrument other than the usual C-Bb-Eb-bass clef notation, so he can write out the notation as needed.


Duck Tape

Sara Beech

At the Duck Tape workshop, you will be creating your masterpieces out of all kinds of patterns and colors. The workshop is on construction of pull string backpacks, beach bags, lunch bags, wallets and many more items. Duct Tape is not just a tool in your toolbox anymore.

Sara Beech have been creating and fabricating all kinds of pieces out of Duct Tape for years, and has a vast knowledge of how to construct many things.

Things participants should bring: We will supply duct tape in basic colors and patterns. If you would like to make grocery bags, you should bring two rolls of tape in different colors or patterns.


Art in the Afternoon

Natalie Isvarin-­Love

Let’s do some arts and crafts together. Everyday, materials will be provided to decorate your name tag, make prayer flags that can be strung together at the end of the week, and paint rocks. In addition, there will be a new project each day such as making cards and art with rubber stamps and dot paints, creating mini­banners, beading, decorating cloth bags and whatever else I come up with and find in my stash of art and craft supplies. We’ll just have fun creating and making friends!

Natalie Isvarin-­Love is a fiber artist who also likes to dabble in book arts and journaling, watercolors and whatever else strikes her fancy. She is a member of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland in Shaker Heights and the mother of two very creative and artistic youth.

Things participants should bring: Nothing, all supplies will be provided, unless there is something they want to share or incorporate in their projects.


Body Art

Deb Cannon

Humans have used many techniques and materials to beautify their bodies over the ages. Come enjoy a continued tradition at Summer Institute, as we play with temporary ways to decorate ourselves and each other. There will be temporary tattoos, hair color and many other fun things to play with.

Deb Cannon is a long time SIer, this will be her third year running Body Art. She lives in Columbus where she runs a daycare and plays for a living.


Rocks of Love

Susan Roscigno

Spread the love by decorating rocks either to hide for others to find ­ or to keep for yourself. Many different types of materials will be available including paint and various painting tools, fabric, glue, stickers and glitter. Instructions, samples and ideas will be available but folks are encouraged to be creative and come up with their own patterns and designs.

Susan has been active in her local rock painting/hiding group for about a year and has been crafting for most of her life. Some of Susan’s painted rocks were available at the SI Bookstore last summer.
Things participants should bring: Clothes that they don’t mind getting paint on. Their own rocks (if they have them ­ but we’ll have plenty!)


Replenish the Earth and Subdue It: The Earth, The Environment and the Biblical Tradition

Rev. Joan VanBecelaere

The biblical prophetic tradition has had an enormously positive influence on the movement for environmental justice. At the same time, the bible has been used to justify a host of destructive policies, practices and perspectives that have put our earth in jeopardy. What are the roots of this conflict? We will look at how it has evolved throughout the centuries and shaped different views in our larger society.

Mon: In the Beginning: Genesis and the creation of the world
Tues: A Land of Milk and Honey: the Exodus tradition and the roots of environmental liberation theology
Wed: Desolation in the Land: Isaiah, Jeremiah and the prophetic tradition
Thurs: The Kingdom of Heaven: the parables of Jesus and the New Testament
Fri: A New Heaven and a New Earth: apocalypse, end times and the environment

Rev. Joan VanBecelaere is a UU minister and the Executive Director/Administrator of UU Justice Ohio. Through her work with UU Justice Ohio, she has expanded her knowledge of Climate Justice. She has a deep appreciation of the Hebrew bible and the progressive, liberative and justice elements found in the scripture tradition. She lives in Columbus OH with her spouse, Jerry Wagenman, and two lovely felines, named after Hebrew Bible prophets and kings.


Water Play

Carolyn Stevens


Socrates Café

Leo Nagorski

Socrates Café is a movement that was started by Christopher Phillips, a philosophy professor who became disenchanted with the current state of philosophy. He wanted to take philosophy back to its roots when Socrates engaged in philosophical discussions with all classes of people in ancient Athens. Phillips, like Socrates, believed that philosophical thinking could be beneficial to individuals, the community, and the body politic. It can also be fun!

We will discuss one big question every day, contributing our own unique perspectives. All you need is an open and curious mind and a desire to share your opinions. In other words, this is tailor made for UUs!

Leo has attended more than 22 SIs. He has been a UU for 42 years. He was a member and facilitator for the Pittsburgh Socrates Café for 11 years.