Ready for SI??? So is your SIT Team

SIT Team??? Your SI Transportation Team! We are preparing for your week at Summer Institute!

We are 4 drivers and two 6 passenger carts. We will be traversing the campus during peak activity times – before and between major activities such as workshops, meals, worship times and other highly attended activity times.

The purpose of the SIT Team and our carts is to assist campers with mobility issues and help them get to activities on campus. Of course, if your mobility issue is that you are simply exhausted from all the exciting activities, you are invited to take a ride. There will be times when folks who have more complicated needs will be given priority. (If you are one of those, introduce yourself to our wonderful drivers and we will keep an eye out for you!)

Additionally, if you are one who has continuous need of transportation, you have another option. You may wish to use a personal scooter. If you own your own, you certainly are encouraged to bring it. If you think you may need one during the week, we have made arrangements with a local company for you to call and reserve one. You will need to call them to reserve the cart and any “accessories” (NPL Home Medical in Elyria, OH at 440-365-8581, ask for Cody, and tell them this is for Summer Institute, 7/8-14. Cal Frye, SIPC member, will be picking them up on 7/7, and returning them for you.) You will pay the company directly. We will make sure you will have it on Sunday afternoon. You will turn it in to us on Saturday and Cal will return it. Again, this service is arranged for you through the Summer Institute Planning Council, so when you call to rent a scooter, be sure to identify yourself as a camper at SI.

If you have a financial need for assistance with a scooter rental due to physical disability, please contact, Cal Fry ([email protected] or 440-420-9450) for information. There are available funds to support those who have mobility issues and financial need.

There is a very short time before SI! It will certainly go fast!! Enjoy this beautiful Spring and start gearing up for Summer Institute 2018!!!!