Community Workshifts

It takes all of us to make the CERSI magic happen so we ask all adults and young adults to sign up for a workshift. These are generally short commitments once during the week and may involve setting up or taking down an activity, helping people at the cafeteria, assisting with the children’s talent show, working in the bookshop, or something similar. Most require little specialized skill or knowledge and are a great way to get involved and to get to know some people you might not have met yet.

You’ll get a link to the workshift sign-up once you register. Later, you’ll receive an email reminder and your workshift will be printed on your registration materials.

If you find that you cannot fulfill your workshift commitment, please contact the workshift organizer as soon as possible so alternate arrangements can be made.

Youth will be assigned a workshift with their touch-base group. Children do not sign up for workshifts but are welcome to accompany their caregivers when appropriate.