There are many opportunities to perform music and share your musical talents with others at SI. All are fun activities. Choices vary from the intergenerational choir singing hymns and fun songs for services, through the hymn sing, to folk orchestra that welcomes most any instrument that can play a tune or keep time, to small group ensembles which perform a variety of music by groups of 2 to 6 people, all the way to the Talent Show on Friday night, exhibiting the wonderful and VERY diverse talents of SI attendees. So get involved, have fun sharing your musical talents, and join one of the groups on this page:

Mass Harmonica Lesson / Harmonica Flash Mob: On Monday night, in preparation for a TBA flash mob harmonica event,  the SI community will gather for a Mass Harmonica Lesson – Hal Walker style. In 90 minutes, Hal will offer campers of all ages a foundation for a lifetime of harmonica. Bring a key of C harmonica with you or purchase one at the event for $5.  At some point in the week, we will display our skills en masse in the form of a Flash Mob.  Hal says, “Believe me, you want to learn to play the harmonica more than you think you do.”

Choir: A early afternoon workshop (see page 15) led again by Hal Walker.

Folk Orchestra: An late afternoon workshop (see page 17) led again by Pat Lorei.

Small Group Ensembles: Connect with one or more others who like to perform the kind of music you enjoy, put a group together, and perform for concerts on Thursday and/or Friday nights. Watch for a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in Peirce-Dempsey Dining Hall starting Sunday night, and for a lunch table near the exit of the dining room for Small Ensembles discussion. Then you rehearse on your own schedule with your group.  If you don’t know others who play instruments needed for your ensemble, we’ll help you find others who might like your idea and a new SI music group is born! Music can vary from jazz to folk or classical, or anything in-between. Pieces are generally about 3 minutes long. Programs are finalized Wednesday evening. Bob Erdman and Christa Champion will be coordinating this fine event.

Hymn Sing: One evening, everyone interested gets together with others who love to sing, and all sing their favorite hymns. It’s a lot of fun, even if some people are a little hoarse at the pub or the next morning at breakfast.

Children’s Talent Show: No one ever knows for sure what acts we will have in a given year, but this is always a big event with excellent entertainment that shows off the diversity of SI talents. Performances range from skits to original poetry reading to music performances (of all kinds and abilities) to hilarious comedy. Auditions are mid-week. Let us know if you need practice space. Acts are 3 minutes or less.

Pub Sing-Along: Bring your acoustic instruments and lend your voice for improvised musical merriment.

Children’s Choir: After lunch the children will have the opportunity to affirm our UU values singing in a children’s choir. Joe Schafer has directed the West Shore UU Children’s Choir for 25 years, and has written music celebrating UU principles that kids can sing easily and well, using ragtime, jazz, rock, and other fun-loving rhythms. No experience required, and all kids are welcome.

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