Each evening’s events are planned to engage, entertain and provide relaxation for campers of all ages:

  • PEEK
  • Concerts
  • Hymn sing
  • Monte Carlo night
  • Night-time Ultimate Frisbee
  • Dance
  • Coffeehouse(s)
  • The Children/Family Talent Show
  • Movie night

The Pub

What would SI be without the Pub? From 9:30 PM onward, adults gather there to socialize, share a pub beverage, make music, play games and make new friends while reconnecting with old ones. It’s a great place to relax and hang out when the day’s events are over. This is a great time for families to utilize the Childcare Co-op.  In compliance with state laws, no alcohol is permitted to be brought into the Pub or removed from the space.

Monte Carlo Night

This casino style event is family friendly and includes games for every age and skill level. Favorites such as Texas Hold-Em and Rock-Paper-Scissors will return alongside a variety of competitive wagering games. Win enough Nathan Money to claim a classy prize or relax with refreshments from our snack bar.

Your first $500 Nathan Bucks will be free.

All donations & proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund.


A Summer Institute Tradition that defies description. If you have never encountered a PEEK experience, brace yourself for the perfect UU game. It’s a loud, fun, and quick card game for  everyone, no matter what age. Everyone leaves a winner, with a prize and a smile. For veteran  PEEK players, the management hopes that you will once again gladly contribute a PEEK prize for the festivities.

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