Hi, Everyone. This is Carol Dobbins and I have the honor to be the Cart Coordinator for this year’s CERSI again this year!! As I write this, we are all staying home a lot more to help keep everyone safe from “The Virus”. But if you’re like me, you’re really looking forward to Summer Institute. Being at the new location is really exciting! New opportunities, beautiful new surroundings, spacious dorm rooms – with bathrooms!!! So many new and interesting things to explore!! And explore, we will!

We will again have golf carts available to assist those who need a ride to and from remote locations. There will be posted “stops” but cart drivers will pick folks up anywhere along the route. Of course, we drivers will be accessible by phone, but we STRONGLY encourage everyone to simply wait patiently for a cart to come along. Our drivers are very conscientious and have pledged to serve all who are in need. If you think you might have difficulty with the golf cart and the schedule, there is another option.

If you are a person whose transportation needs go beyond the very general service of the golf carts, you are encouraged to bring or rent your own personal scooter. Our golf carts cannot meet all the specific needs of everyone. We have made arrangements with Pittsburgh Wheelchair Exchange to provide rental scooters for participants who have these needs. You need to call Gary at 412-241-5121 and tell him that you would like to rent a scooter for CER Summer Institute. Gary will need to have your reservation by the end of June. He will be delivering the scooters to CalU which you can pick up when you register on Sunday. You will be giving him all your contact information and a credit card number.

The cost to rent a scooter for a week is $155. (Yes, I took a quick inhale, too.) These are electrically rechargeable and you will have it for the entire week. This price covers delivery and return. If you think of the value you are getting, that’s not really unreasonable. We know that some may struggle to cover this cost. If you are one, we offer help from the scholarship fund to cover whatever part of the rental you need. Your financial need should not disqualify you from coming to SI. If you receive scholarship monies to cover the cost of the scooter, you need to contact Amy Kent ([email protected]) who will send Gary the funds. Remember to apply for a scholarship by the deadline and note what part is for scooter rental. You will receive confirmation on your scholarship application by June 1, in time to call Gary and make your reservation.

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