CERSI (formerly SI) Jobs/Camperships: Apply Now!

It takes many hands to create the magic of CERSI and your hands can play a part.  That driver who takes you around in the golf cart?  Campership.  The person who teaches you a new art?  Campership.  The nurse who patches up your kid?  Campership.  Tie dye, bookstore, choir, religious education, vespers child care.  All those activities are made possible by fellow CERSIers who applied for camperships.
Each of these positions comes with a financial thank you.  The value of the campership is tied to the actual costs and to the amount of work involved with doing the job.  While the exact amounts cannot be determined until we get this year’s costs from Oberlin, last year the values ranged from $115 (level 4) to $460 (level 1).
Campership application:  https://goo.gl/forms/7Y5dPPOB2Mel9iEn1
Applications may be submitted any time before Friday, February 1, 2019.
Questions:  [email protected]