Can You Hear Me?

Do you remember what the pitch man in the Verizon commercials used to say? “Can you hear me?” That’s also what I used to think, before I joined the SIPC. Can they hear me? I would wonder. Are they paying any attention to what I was thinking? Many of you are probably wondering that now. I can tell you, we do listen, we do pay attention, we do hear you. For example, we’ve been looking at the 2016 Summer Institute Survey results. We spent several […]

Summer Institute 2017 Proposals

Do you have an idea for a morning or afternoon workshop? Feel something was missing? Have a skill or interest to share? The deadline for proposals is October 30th. Please read the paragraphs at the top of the forms that describe campership levels. Morning Proposals: Afternoon Proposals:

Relive the Magic

If you have not yet had a chance to fill out the 2016 SI feedback survey, we would greatly appreciate it if you would! Here is the link. The link is not specific to you; more than one person per household can use the same link. Also, if you want to relive the magic, there is more than just the slideshow available. To see all of Brad Bolton’s photos from the week, go here: Thank you all for a great week! In Community, […]

A Note to the SI Community from Matt Meyer

Dear Ohio Summer Institute, Thank you for the amazing worship services, community singing, conversations about whiteness in a time of Black Lives Matter, stories about your organizing, trivia, pub nights, dancing dessert delivery, letting me win at pool and score a point in Ultimate, strategizing about environmental justice movement-building, concerts, choir magic, remembering the farmworker’s clap when I forgot, pieing me in the face for a cause, happy hour, ice cream twice a day, silly games, and smiling children with painted faces. Yours, with Love, […]

SI 2016 Slideshow

If you missed this at the 2016 closing ceremony, please watch. If you were at the closing ceremony, especially watch. Jennifer May did a great job in putting this together and the projector did not do it justice.

Check out

Please turn in your key, preferably in the small manilla envelope it came in, by noon at the latest at CSIC. This is accessed via the middle door in Stevenson. Remember to check lost and found and the quad for your things as well.


The 2016 evaluation is here: We read them all and care about your thoughts. Thank you so much!

National Day of Action

​Today is a national day of action to support the movement for Black Lives Matter using the hashtag #FreedomNow. If you would like to gather for a group photo for social media supporting this action, please go to the church parking lot around 7:30, between Peek and vespers. A BLM banner for us to hold is being made right now. Join Ivy in the JFO room at the church to help with the banner. It would be great if we could get a big crowd […]

Water fun

Regretfully, the pool is closed again today. The lifeguard had emergency surgery.  BUT! We have fun water toys that will be out in the quad area this afternoon. Come play and cool off!

How to contact a nurse

​If you have a cell phone, please save our nurses’ numbers in your contacts. Paul – (216) 577-6932 Linda – (330) 352-7656 Tommy – (216) 262-5652 These numbers are also posted in the front entrance of every dorm. Please contact one of these three in the event that you need a nurse.

Lost meal card

If found please give to a SIPC member.

Registration almost closed

If you are registering today you need to be in the Science Center by 5!

Speaking of Covenant and Community…

Several years ago, I taught a Sunday School class for 10th graders. For a semester, we played a game. First, we pretended we were creating a Unitarian Universalist high school. We asked the youth, “what would this high school be like? How would it be different than – and the same as – your current school? What would the curriculum be? How would the rules be made, and what would happen if they were broken? Would there even be rules?” After that, we pretended to […]

Resources and Links from the Theme Talk 2016 with Matt Meyer

“Covenant and Collective Action” Resources and Links from the SI Theme Talk 2016 with Matt Meyer Matt’s Website: Community Organizing Organizing on the Side of Love: Tools and Tips for Interconnection and Impact (Webinar) UU Justice Ohio, Organizing UU’s for legislative action Momentum Training for building mass movements., climate-focused campaigns   Racial Justice Black Lives Matter: 25 Resources for conversations on police violence. Campaign Zero, demands for reform from Black Lives Matter The case for Reparations, The Atlantic Colorlines Magazine, amazing resource for […]

Slideshow Photos

SI Photographers! Especially those in Youth and Young Adult programming and events. There are many ways to submit a photo to (potentially) be included in the slideshow on Saturday: Form on the mobile site Post it to Instagram, using the #uuomdsi hashtag Post it to the new Slack channel #photos Post it to the Facebook Page Give it directly to Jennifer May, who can usually be seen with knitting needles in her hands 🙂 Our staff photographer, Brad Bolton, operates outside these rules, as usual. […]